Cloud IPTV Subscription

Cloud IPTV: All The Videos You Want.

Cloud IPTV will become your favorite form of entertainment. Looking for the latest movies and TV shows? We got it. Searching for that big hit movie from years ago? We got it.

Cloud IPTV APK On An Android Device

Cloud IPTV On An Android Device


12 Month


*Note: Cost per month for lifetime subscription is estimated over 6 years of usage. This is only an illustrative estimate. The subscription is perpetual so, in a sense, the per month cost can be as low as $0.01.

We use ALIEXPRESS to process orders. When you click “Buy” you will be using the AliExpress product page.

International Technology.

The Cloud IPTV App is built on P2P architecture and connects to our dedicated content servers. Our servers constantly monitor networks worldwide for new content to come online. And when our users request the content they wish to see, our servers route the content to their Android devices on demand, in real time.

View Screen Shots

Worldly Content.

Cloud IPTV is a subscription for all Earthlings. Our content consists of high quality titles from multiple regions and cultures. While subtitle availability in English varies according to the source file, you will find that the audio tracks are all in the native language of the film/TV show.

Preview the Latest Content

2013 TV Commercial

Please excuse the out-dated references in the video. But it gives you a pretty good idea of the functionality

Updated Video Demos

instagramInstagram: 12 Second Demos
vineVine: 6 Second Demos

Buy Now

$15.99 12 Month Subscription $49.99 Lifetime Subscription

Value. Selection. Availability. Reliability.

Cloud IPTV simply outclasses other video streaming services by giving you the best combination of all the features you need.

$7.99 Per Month
Android Compatible
Not Available Worldwide
10,000+ Titles
No Virus, No Spyware
$25.00 Per Month*
Not Android Compatible
Not Available Worldwide
200,000+ Titles
No Virus, No Spyware

*2014 iTunes pricing based on the purchase of 4 TV shows, 1 movie, and rental of 7 movies in one month.

Try Cloud IPTV App Now.

The Cloud IPTV App is available for download. Installation instructions are included in the zip file. Once installed, you can run Cloud IPTV App in Trial Mode. You get full functionality but only 15 minutes of viewing time per session.

Once you decide you want the unlimited full version, please come back to us and finalize the purchase of the license. We will then send you a unique password for you to unlock the unlimited viewing time feature.

Download Trial Version

Will it work with my device?

Cloud IPTV App will run on most Android 4+ devices with at least dual core processor. However, it is also compatible with many Android devices with lower specs.

We encourage you to download the trial version and try it out on your device to confirm compatibility.

The app is downloadable and it is packaged with installation instructions in a zip file.

Download Trial Version

What will be installed on my device?

XDroid Market APK (our custom store for downloading and updating our apps)

Player APK (proprietary video stream player)

TVDroid APK (Cloud IPTV app)

XDroid Clean APK (Utility for cleaning cached video files)

What if I have technical issues?

You can email us at or chat with us on Facebook at

What does the app actually look like?

You can check out the Cloud IPTV screen shots page.
View Screen Shots

Can I see your EULA?

Yep. it’s here. We recommend that you read it if you want to download our software.
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